What’s more French than wine and cheese?

Today we hopped on the train from Paris to the middle of France in a town called Chosne along the Loile River.

We visited this cute goat farm which made delicious cheese. Look at the babies! The farmer told us alot about his family business and how everyone in the family was necessary to keep the business going. His son wanted to leave the farm to work on a bank a very hard decision for the whole family. It’s funny because the farm looks like paradise but it takes alot if hard work to keep it looking like paradise. Anyway, the cheese was great and the farmers daughter looked pretty good as well.

Next we went to Sancerre a hilly wine country. We drank wine and ate cheese looking out from a balcony on a hill onto the hillside vineyards below. The Savignon Blanc was very good. With fruity smell and a semi-dry fruity flavor that webt very well with foat cheese. The reds were not as pleasant with a pungent smell of burnt tires. The 2012 Pinot noir was much better than the 2014 with a mellowed out flavor and smell but maybe it needs another two years before it can be appreciated.

We had lunch at a cute rustic haunt on a medieval square called AUBERGE JOSEPH MELLOT. We had a lentil and goat cheese starter. The Duck magritte was very tender with a thick and tasty red wine sauce.

We bought some funny looking local beer I will wait to try it with my Dad when he comes to visit in a couple weeks.

This is where they process the cheese. They salt it and age it here. It is very clean, we had to dress like Breaking Bad meth cookers to walk around the cheese factory. The cheese here tasted very fresh and somehow more pure. It had a buttery aftertaste.

The region was very cute and an excellent spot to go for a weekend.

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