Wine Tasting - L’Atelier des Artistes – Paris

My wife and I were invited to try the best of the wines of Languedoc at a local wine bar in Paris L’Atelier des Artistes near Republique. I love wine, all types of wine. So here are my reviews of the region and a couple of the best wines I tasted.

The region these wines come from is known as the Fitou which is as South as you can get in France. It hugs the mediterranean sea and the Spanish border. There are four types of wine grapes grown there, Grenache noir, mourvèdre, carignan, and syrah. I knew Syrah, we have alot of it in the states and after spending six months in Nice, which is also in the South of France, I was accustomed to grenache and morvèdre. All the wines I tasted were varying mixes of these four grapes.

Damaine de la Grange – Via Fonteius – 2012


The Fonteius had a light smell and light taste. It was fruity with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I give it an 8/10.

Cḥteau de Nouvelles РGabrielle Р2012


This wine was the most unique of the evening. It tasted sugary and ashy. Like it was harvested after a volcano eruption. I was told the ashy flavor comes from the clay soil that the grapes we grown in. Clay is not my thing I guess. 6/10

Domaine de la Rochelierre – Noblesse de Temps – 2014


This was definitely my favorite of the evening. It was smooth as silk. Maybe this is because the wine is mostly mourvèdre at 50%. Not much of a smell though but that can be forgiven because of it’s perfectly balanced flavor. Even my wife liked it and she almost never likes red wine. 9/10 


Fitou wines are mellow and fruity, a bit too mellow for me who enjoys a deep oaky malbec. I think I would buy this type of wine if I was entertaining guests and I wanted something new, fairly inexpensive and generally pleasing. Thanks to all of winemakers of Fitou and to L’Atelier des Artistes near Republique for hosting a great event.


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