My Parisian Vinyasa Yoga Experience


I met a yoga instructor the other night at a party in Paris. It struck me as rare since yoga is not nearly as popular in France as it is in The States. I had been talking to my friend Julie earlier in the day about her Ashtanga Yoga practice and she said she was curious about Vinyasa and wanted to see if she liked it better. By coincidence just a couple of hours later I now have Oriane, a vinyasa teacher, right in front of me. So, Julie and I went.


One of the best parts about yoga in Paris is the walk to the yoga class. I passed the grand Hotel de Ville, what looked like a castle, and countless cute shops with all kinds of wonders.

The yoga was in an upscale Indian restaurant. It was actually under the restaurant in a speakeasy looking brick parlor. Very hip, very Parisian. Orianne, taught mostly in French and translated for me in English during the more complicated parts. I thought it would be good practice for me to hear her instruct in French but turns out that I can’t focus properly on my yoga if I am trying to translate everything in my head. But I managed mainly by watching her.


Oriane’s class is a loose vinyasa style. She uses meditation and breathing techniques to begin with. Then a flowing yoga sequence that challenged me just enough and I am a beginner.

I was surprised that she led us in chakra work, pranayama fire breath, and some intro kundalini. I did not think I would find this deeper side of Yoga so easily in France.

As an instructor she was very aware of how we all were handling the practice. If we were all getting too tired she would help us relax. She pushed us just enough. She also came to me multiple times and fixed my form which I appreciate.


Oriane says she likes to incorporate dance into Yoga and designs the classes based on what she needs to work on herself and what she feels her students need, even factors such as the weather play a part in the sequence she designs.

I am in a phase of trying many different types of Yoga classes. My practice is primarily meditation and kundalini based with very little body work. I am looking to balance my practice, challenge myself and find a yoga tribe as well. I think vinyasa is a step in the right direction for me.

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