Across the world for love

I knew what I was getting into when I started dating the girl who would soon become my wife. She is a Parisian with an insatiable wanderlust, a potent combo. Sometimes we joke that we go to together like peanut butter and chocolate but if she is the chocolate then she is more like chocolate covered in Sriracha sauce.

So this is my story about packing up my life in California and moving across the great pond to France.


We had just settled into our first apartment together. We were living in West Hollywood right in the heart of all the fun. We bought our new bed and furnished our guest room so our friends could come and stay with us. Then my wife started to feel sick. We thought it was just a stomach virus but it turned out to be something much more permanent, a baby!

Well as you can imagine this changed everything for me. Now I had to be a man. My priorities shifted from a focus on having fun with my wife and advancing my career to what was best for my new family. We decided it would be best to move to France. We had always known we would eventually live there but now with the my wife already 3 months pregnant we had a lot more reasons to go as soon as possible.

All of the great Yogis say that the key to true happiness comes from non-attachment. I left my job, my family, my friends, and my In-N-Out burger. The Yogis wouldn’t have said this if they had tried a double-double with animal fries.

All of you in California know exactly what I am talking about.

The excitement between my wife and I far out weighed any other feelings. We were busy making plans and working together to make the move happen in the best way we could. It was hard work, for three months my wife and I worked almost 12 hours everyday 6 days a week. Our goal was to pay off all our bills and credit cards, sell my car and all our stuff that we couldn’t take with us. Once I had to pack everything I own into two suitcases I gained a very clear image of what is important in my life: computers, clothes, and yoga beads.

Now that I am in France I can say that it was all worth it. Our friends gave us a great send off and we have love on all sides of the world now. We can relax and work less and just, have a baby. Of course, I am pretty much a French baby here with the amount of French I know.


More stories to come.

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